11 Illuminati-Coded Sunglasses the A-List Endorses (2024)

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You need a solid pair of sunglasses when you're famous. That's because your privacy is infringed upon each and every time you leave the front door/hotel/4 a.m. Uber door. A pair of sunglasses brings down the shutters, and keep the ‘late night’ tabloid speculation out.

And also because sunglasses are historically and universally cool, and they can make even normal guys feel famous. That's why we've rundown the favorite pairs of Hollywood's finest, and answered all the burning questions in your soul: what does Dominic Sessa wear to the red carpet? And when Jake Gyllenhaal's at Milan Fashion Week, what's he got on? And are Oakleys still cool? We have answers, and more, below.

A$AP Rocky


A$AP Rocky probably has a warehouse full of absurdly good menswear, but on the days that he wants to be a little more under the radar, he hits up these sunglasses from Gucci. They've got an extra oversized build if you're planning on going incognito, and a wider-than-usual design that'll suit most face shapes.


GG1262S Sunglasses

Cillian Murphy

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Cillian Murphy likes to keep things low-key. So it's not all that surprising that his sunnies of choice would be the Ray-Ban Wayfarer in the OG shape. These have been a Hollywood staple since the early '50s, and they come in a bunch of different lens colors.


Original Wayfarer Sunglasses

Dominic Sessa

Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images

Tom Ford's Turner is sleek, it's sexy, and it looks like something straight out of the '70s—and that's exactly the kinda thing that you'd expect Dominic Sessa to rock on a mad night out. Apparently they're inspired by old school aviators, but the frame is a little chunkier, and the lenses are a little smokier.

Tom Ford

Turner Square-Frame Acetate Sunglasses

Jacob Elordi

Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

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Sometimes Jacob Elordi goes for Saint Laurent. Other times he's all about Persol. But Valentino's got the pair that we want the most. Part of the XXII line, these frames were originally designed for women, but they look pretty unisex. What's more, the Italian house has slightly grunged up (or down, depending how you look at it) with studs to the frame.


XXII Sunglasses

Jake Gyllenhaal

Victor Boyko/Getty Images

When Jake Gyllenhaal showed up at Milan Fashion Week earlier this year, the menswearverse lost its sh*t. The guy has been the face of Prada since 2021, and the PR A04S frames just look so damn good on him. In fact, we even ran an entire article about the greatest sunglasses from Milan and Paris, and he right at the front.


PR A04S Sunglasses

Lewis Hamilton

Qian Jun/MB Media/Getty Images

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From Burberry shirts to Rick Owens fleeces, when Lewis Hamilton shows up at the race track, the menswear is usually mega. And that's exactly what we saw last March when he dressed from head to toe in the latest Dior, including the ultra-futuristic DiorXplorer that looks like something straight out of a techno night on Arrakis.


DiorXplorer S1U Sunglasses

Pierce Brosnan

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

At 70 years old, Pierce Brosnan is still one of the coolest guys alive. He played Remington Steele. He was James Bond. And even as Doctor Fate in 2022's Black Adam, he look ridiculously good. So what sunglasses do you get when you're this level of legendary? The Oliver Sun Madhappy, that's what.

Oliver Peoples

Oliver Sun Madhappy Sunglasses

Ryan Gosling

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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So, you're performing one of the year's biggest hits in front of some of the world's most talented actors and actresses. No pressure. But what shades are you gonna wear? Well, Ryan Gosling chose the Kate by Saint Laurent. With a dramatic cat-eye design, they're inspired by the eponymous label's very famous Kate handbag.

Saint Laurent

Kate Sunglasses

Timothée Chalamet

Samir Hussein

Speaking of cat-eye sunglasses, Timothée Chalamet's also a big fan of this similar frame. But rather than going for a European fashion house like everyone else, he's opted for South Korea's Gentle Monster instead. They're crafted from glossy black acetate, and what makes them even better is that they're not quite as expensive as the big labels.

Gentle Monster

Loti Sunglasses

Tyler, the Creator

Paul R. Giunta

When you're the owner of your own very successful fashion brand, why wouldn't you wear your own stuff? Tyler, the Creator's got loads and loads of sunglasses, but he always goes back to the Bel-Air from Golf Le Fleur. It's a lot more understated compared to some of his other accessories (especially from his Louis Vuitton collab), but that makes 'em a lot more wearable, too.

Golf Le Fleur

Bel-Air Sunglasses

This story originally appeared on British GQ with the title 'A normal guy's rundown of the insanely good sunglasses worn by insanely famous men'.

11 Illuminati-Coded Sunglasses the A-List Endorses (2024)


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