7 Tanning Drop Options For A Clean Glow (2024)

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We’ve personally used and researched clean skincare and beauty brands for years — these are our favorite tanning drops for a safe summer glow.

If you’re a teen of the ‘90s or early ‘00s, you’ve likely experienced the dreaded drugstore tanner stains (you know, the ones on your ankles and wrists). Self-tanners can be difficult to use, even when careful or when using a tanning mitt, which is why we love the option of tanning drops for a subtle, streak-flow glow. Tanning drops are simple because you can add them to your moisturizer or lotion; they are also the best option for your face because they don’t clog pores. We’ve rounded up our favorite brands made with clean and safe ingredients so you can get that sun-kissed look without streaks, sunburns, or tanning beds.

Why consider using clean tanning drops?

Traditional tanning products often contain harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients that can cause skin irritation, allergic reactions, and long-term health issues — and studies show our skin absorbs an average of 64% of contaminants. Yikes.

On the other hand, clean and nontoxic skincare products are formulated with gentle ingredients on the skin and reduce the risk of adverse effects. This goes for tanning drops, too. They are specifically designed to go on your face as well, so they won’t clog pores or interfere with any skincare regimen you’re currently using. Oh, and clean tanning drops are better for the planet since they avoid the use of pollutants and toxins that can harm ecosystems when washed off into water systems. It’s a win for the earth and a win for your face.

Our criteria:

Our editors have tested, researched, and read thousands of customer reviews to determine the best clean, nontoxic, and natural beauty brands on the market. All of the tanning drops on this list rely on natural ingredients and are free of harsh chemicals. Plus, they actually work. We’ve included options at a variety of price points so that you can look and feel great, no matter your budget. We frequently update this list with new favorites that meet our criteria below.

  • NATURAL & ORGANIC | Each of these tanning drop formulas is made with clean, natural, and organic ingredients that are safe and nourishing for your skin.
  • EFFICACY | We’ve tested and researched the best tanning drops to ensure their formulas are effective and will give you that sun-kissed glow you desire (without the streaks!).
  • AFFORDABILITY | Natural beauty can be expensive! We’ve included brands that are easy on the wallet so we can all benefit from the products.

To keep your glow vibrant and your skin safe while out in the sun, make sure to lather up in one of our favorite nontoxic and mineral sunscreens (and face sunscreens too).

1. Isle of Paradise

Cruelty free

Eco friendly packaging

Gluten free

Small business


Best For | Face-specific drops
Ingredients | Natural sugar beet DHA self-tanner and healthy oils, including chia seed, and coconut, vitamin c
Prices Starting At | $29

We love the Isle of Paradise tanning drops for a sun-kissed glow that doesn’t require endless hours laying out in the sun. All you have to do is mix a few drops with your favorite moisturizer and lather up — results are visible in 4-6 hours. The brand offers various tanning formulas, including face drops infused with vitamin C and body drops made with clean ingredients like avocado, chia seed, and coconut oils for optimal moisture. The formula is vegan, cruelty-free, and doesn’t include parabens and sulfates. With three shades to choose from (light, medium, and dark), you can control the depth of your color and opt for a subtle glow or deep, “I’ve been on vacation for two weeks” tan. Yes, please!

Customer Review | “The medium face tanning drops are perfect! I don’t wear foundation so I use face tanner in winter, but want it to not be too dark and look natural! This product is exactly what I was looking for!” – Tracy (Read more reviews.)

7 Tanning Drop Options For A Clean Glow (1)
7 Tanning Drop Options For A Clean Glow (2)

2. Suntegrity

Best For | Formula that works on body and face
Ingredients | Natural sugar beet DHA self-tanner, Panthenol (Vitamin B5), evening primrose oil
Prices Starting At | $48

Suntegrity was created after the founder lost her mother to melanoma skin cancer, prompting her to wear sunscreen daily. However, she discovered that many sunscreens contain filters like oxybenzone or octinoxate, which are linked to potential endocrine disruption. Determined to create a skincare line that protects and nourishes the skin, Tricia developed a range of products, including her standout moisturizing self-tanning line and tanning drops for a customizable and natural-looking tan. These drops are infused with hydrating ingredients that leave your skin feeling soft, radiant, and nourished. Simply mix a few drops with your favorite moisturizer to achieve a sun-kissed glow that builds gradually. Best of all? Suntegrity Tanning Drops are vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated without harmful chemicals, ensuring a safe and healthy tanning experience.

Customer Review | “Easy to use formula that worked well mixed in with lotion or oil. Also, big bonus, doesn’t have as intense smell as other tanners.” – Lexi (Read more reviews.)

Also available at Credo

7 Tanning Drop Options For A Clean Glow (3)
7 Tanning Drop Options For A Clean Glow (4)


Cruelty free

Gluten free

Science backed

Soy free

Best For | Science-backed tanning drops
Ingredients | Natural sugar beet DHA self-tanner, Raspberry Seed Oil, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera
Prices Starting At | $55

TAN-LUXE was founded on one idea: If you can customize your makeup, why not your tan? We love these drops for a customizable, skincare-led approach that is non-toxic and cruelty-free. Plus, the natural and botanical ingredients leave our skin feeling healthy and fresh! TAN-LUXE ensures all of its products are fully traceable and safe for your health and skin (and the planet). We also love that this product is science-backed — the brand created its own molecule, the Triple Tan Technology. This means these drops react with your unique skin tone to deliver a natural, customizable glow. Slay!

Customer Review | “I was so worried I’d come out looking orange, but this stuff is great! I mix it with some face oil I usually use about once a week, and I haven’t seen any streaks, no smell, and it looks natural.” – Molly (Read more reviews.)

7 Tanning Drop Options For A Clean Glow (5)
7 Tanning Drop Options For A Clean Glow (6)

4. SaltyFace

1% for the planet

Cruelty free

Eco friendly packaging

Family owned


Best For | Tanning water
Ingredients | Natural sugar beet DHA self-tanner and botanical extracts, including aloe leaf, chamomile, cucumber, and linden flower
Prices Starting At | $48

Looking for a scent-free and clean ingredients glow made with botanical ingredients? Meet SaltyFace! The family-owned brand has one of our favorite lines of self-tanning lotion and drops made with a botanical extract that hydrates our skin. For a seamless tanning experience, the Tanning Water is made especially for the face. It literally feels like water/a nice ocean mist and doesn’t leave any oily residue. To help you find your perfect shade, Saltyface showcases real customers so you can match with someone who looks like you. Their products are packaged in amber glass to extend shelf life and are fully recyclable. Plus, they even offer a freckle pen! As a bonus, Saltyface is a proud member of 1% for the Planet.

Customer Review | “No tanner smell, feels so clean and gentle. For once my skin doesn’t flare up from a face tanner soo happy I purchased this saved me since I don’t get enough sun here to tan.” – Katherine (Read more reviews.)

7 Tanning Drop Options For A Clean Glow (7)
7 Tanning Drop Options For A Clean Glow (8)

5. Maya Chia

Cruelty free

Gluten free


Woman owned

Best For | Multi-correctional tinted serum
Ingredients | Natural sugar beet DHA self-tanner, aloe juice, botanicals, and natural oils
Prices Starting At | $65

Well, hello there to one of our new favorite skincare products! Maya Chia’s Water | Color™ is a tinted super antioxidant hydrating serum + gradual sunless tanner (say that 10x fast!) that offers a natural, gradual tan while nourishing and hydrating our skin. The formula is infused with potent antioxidants and botanical extracts and gives us that sun-kissed glow we desire, all without harmful UV rays. It’s ideal for daily use and is a buildable tanner (meaning you can continue to use it over time). We love the clean ingredients and the fact that this tanning drops option is free from parabens, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances. If all of that doesn’t convince you, just take a look at the before and after photos!

Customer Review | “Gorgeous under makeup. I’m very fair and it gives a perfect sun-kissed glow without being orange or fake. Perfect for winter months. Will be repurchasing.” – Katie (Read more reviews.)

Also available at Credo

7 Tanning Drop Options For A Clean Glow (9)
7 Tanning Drop Options For A Clean Glow (10)

6. Typology

B corp


Eco friendly packaging

Gives back


Best For | Self-tanning serum
Ingredients | Natural sugar beet DHA self-tanner, Carob pulp, buriti oil, natural ingredients
Prices Starting At | $55

Typology‘s self-tanning serum is one of our favorites for a warm glow that doubles as skincare. It’s made with 99% natural ingredients, including essential oils, and revives skin radiance while also delivering an instant summer tan. Use just a few drops applied as the final step in your skincare routine — the brand recommends using them at night to wake up with a warm glow. The serum is certified organic, naturally derived, vegan, and packaged in a recyclable glass bottle with a glass pipette. Originating from France, Typology ensures quality and efficacy in every drop. We recommend the trio to try all the tanning products.

Customer Review | “The promised effect is real: you put it on at night before going to bed and wake up in the morning with a beautiful glow..” – Stéphanie (Read more reviews.)

7 Tanning Drop Options For A Clean Glow (11)
7 Tanning Drop Options For A Clean Glow (12)


American made

Cruelty free

Gluten free


Best For | Antioxidant-rich self-tanner
Ingredients | Green tea and black tea extracts, natural oils and plant-based ingredients
Prices Starting At | $45

For the ultimate sun-kissed glow, we look no further than CLEANTAN’s tanning drops. Designed to mix seamlessly into your daily skincare routine, the formula allows you to customize your tan to perfection while ensuring your skin and health are cared for (no parabens, sulfates, or phthalates). The brand is also vegan and cruelty-free and dye-free, embodying clean beauty principles that align with eco-friendly practices. We love that it’s fragrance-free, too, in case you’re sensitive to scents. Embrace your inner (and outer) glow year-round!

Customer Review | “There are some seriously great things about this product. You simply mix it with your own regular lotion which is great. I only use natural lotion without all the chemicals, so this is a major plus as it’s good to keep toxic chemicals to a minimum people!” – Anonymous (Read more reviews.)

7 Tanning Drop Options For A Clean Glow (13)
7 Tanning Drop Options For A Clean Glow (14)

Kayti Christianis a Contributing Editor at The Good Trade. She has a Master’s in Nonfiction Writing from the University of London and is the creator ofFeelings Not Aside, a newsletter for sensitive people.

Featured image is from SaltyFace

7 Tanning Drop Options For A Clean Glow (2024)


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