Curator Blog | 18 Essential TikTok Marketing Tools for Amplified Reach (2024)

Between 2022 and 2024, TikTok's user base grew from 755 million to over 900 million worldwide. The platform’s enthusiastic user base and high engagement rate are perfect for marketers looking to reach and convert more prospects. However, making the most of the platform to promote your brand or product requires leveraging the right TikTok marketing tools.

We’ve tested and compared various TikTok tools for marketers and businesses, identifying the most effective and user-friendly ones. Keep reading to discover the best TikTok marketing tools for content creation, scheduling, sharing, analytics, sales, and more.

What this guide covers:

  • What can you do with TikTok marketing tools?
  • 18 types of TikTok marketing tools
  • Top-rated TikTok marketing tools
  • TikTok marketing tools case studies

What can you do with TikTok marketing tools?

Several TikTok tools for marketers are available, and each tool’s function and capabilities vary. Below are the benefits you can achieve with the right set of tools:

  1. Understand target audience: Analytical tools provide audience insights into user demographics, preferences, and behaviors. You can leverage these insights to optimize and publish TikTok content to enhance your reach, engagement, and conversion rates.
  2. Create content: Various tool types are available for simplifying content creation, including AI tools that can create TikTok-worthy videos for you. You also have tools for connecting with creators and influencers for tailored content or user-generated content.
  3. Schedule publishing: Instead of manually publishing content, you can schedule already created content to publish at the best times. Using such tools removes the risk of missing the best times to publish TikTok content for optimal engagement.
  4. Edit videos: Most top content creation tools for TikTok can also edit videos. With the editing features, you can enhance video quality and appeal with filters, effects, and soundtracks.
  5. Engage followers: Tools with this feature ensure you don’t miss comments so you can respond and engage with users. You can also use these tools to monitor likes, shares, and other user interactions with your content.
  6. Monitor performance: How well are your TikTok posts doing? Are they getting your desired results? Get answers to these questions with TikTok marketing tools that reveal post view numbers, engagement rate, likes, shares, traffic sources, and video reach.
  7. Run ads: You can run paid ads on TikTok to promote your product or boost your post’s visibility to reach more people. However, you can get better results with the help of TikTok ad tools that simplify extending your reach.
  8. Sell products: No need to send leads from TikTok to your website. Your audience can buy from you right on the social platform. Shortening the journey to complete a purchase reduces the risk of potential customers changing their minds.

18 types of TikTok marketing tools

Here are our favorite marketing tools for enhancing traffic, engagement, and sales on TikTok.

1. TikTok website widget or feed embedding tools

Posting user-generated content on your website is excellent for showcasing your brand’s trustworthiness and happy customers. With a website widget, you can stream to your site TikTok content of customers praising your brand and product. Besides boosting your brand’s appeal, embedding a TikTok feed on your website provides fresh, eye-catching content for engaging visitors.

Where to get this type of tool: Curator, Elfsight, and SociableKIT.

2. TikTok growth management tool

Do you want more TikTok viewers and a bigger TikTok footprint? If so, you can find TikTok tools to boost your followership, views, and likes. The more viewers you get, the more people the TikTok algorithm will recommend your content to, leading to even more viewership. Increased viewership is crucial for successful TikTok marketing because more viewers equals more people learning about your brand and product.

Where to get this type of tool: TikFame, Ampfluence, and Instamber.

3. TikTok scheduling and publishing automation tools

Effective TikTok marketing requires understanding your target audience and identifying the best times to post content for optimal engagement. For example, Influencer Marketing Hub states that the best times to post on Mondays in the US are 12 PM and 4 PM. Instead of counting down the clock whenever you need to post, schedule already created content to post automatically at your desired times. It’s less tedious and eliminates the risk of missing your best time windows for reaching your audience.

Where to get this type of tool: Sendible, Loomly, and Iconosquare.

4. TikTok research tools

Comprehensive TikTok research tools are excellent for understanding your target audience, competitors, and more. For example, you can learn what type of content your audience desires or your competitors’ most successful content types. Such valuable insights will help you create quality content optimized to achieve your desired results.

Other examples are TikTok hashtag and trend research tools for identifying what’s trending and building matching content to reach desired audiences. You can find top-of-the-line solutions packed with these research tools and more.

Where to get this type of tool: TikTok Keyword Insights, TrendTok, and Pentos.

5. TikTok analytics tools

TikTok analytics tools are a must-have for result-driven marketers. These analytics tools provide insights into the performance of your content, letting you understand your campaign’s performance. Without such tools, you won’t know for sure if your TikTok marketing is underperforming or doing well.

Where to get this type of tool: TikTok Analytics, Hootsuite Analytics, and Countik.

6. TikTok business tools

As a TikTok marketer, you’ll want tools that simplify calculating your expenses and return on investment. For example, you have tools that simplify calculating your earnings from likes, total views, and content engagement on TikTok. You also have tools that facilitate selling via TikTok, allowing you to sell and get paid right on the platform.

Where to get this type of tool: TikTok Shop, TikTok Money Calculator, and Patch Works.

7. TikTok tools for engagement

TikTok marketing is a waste if your target audience isn’t engaging with your posts or interacting in your comments section. The best TikTok marketers leverage tools that boost engagement by providing insights into audience preferences and trending topics. You also have tools that boost engagement by recommending trending sounds for your videos.

Other useful TikTok marketing tools for engagement are tools that alert you whenever TikTok users mention your brand or product. You can respond to each comment to ensure optimal engagement with people interested in your business.

Where to get this type of tool: Exolyt, All Ears, and Social Champ.

8. TikTok video editing tools

Since TikTok is highly competitive, users will overlook your posts if they aren’t as eye-catching as other posts. Successfully marketing via TikTok requires equipping yourself with video editing tools that make your videos shine and grab attention. The best video editing tools for TikTok marketers simplify adding songs, filters, captions, and other effects to boost a video’s attractiveness.

Where to get this type of tool: Adobe Premiere Rush, CapCut, and InShot.

9. TikTok creator tools

Making TikTok-worthy videos is no easy task, especially for marketing purposes, which requires frequent, consistent posting. An effective workaround is creator tools for connecting with pros who can provide all the content you need. For example, Cohley connects businesses with creators who can provide UGC content and more, making it an excellent TikTok marketing tool. Alternatively, create TikTok videos with AI.

Where to get this type of tool: Cohley, InVideo AI, and Predis.

10.TikTok influencer marketing tools

Reach more people faster by partnering with TikTok influencers. These influencers already have a large and loyal following. You can bring your brand to the attention of these followers by having influencers create and post content promoting your product. However, this TikTok marketing strategy works best when you collaborate with popular influencers within your niche. For example, collaborating with a beauty influencer if you are a tech business may be counterproductive.

Where to get this type of tool: Social Blade, GRIN, and HypeAuditor.

11.TikTok ad tools

Your arsenal of TikTok marketing tools is incomplete without advertising tools. Ads are the fastest way to reach your target audience, and TikTok has inbuilt advertising tools for targeting content at specific demographics. You can get even better results by pairing TikTok’s ad tool with other solutions. For example, solutions for automating advertising processes, improving ad targeting, and gaining deeper insights into ad performance.

Where to get this type of tool: TikTok Business Center, Smartly, and Hunch.

12.TikTok live feed digital signage tools

Besides online marketing, you can use TikTok for offline marketing within your business premises. How? Simply connect a digital signage software to your TikTok account to stream UGC or your best branded TikTok content to screens within your business. It’s perfect for curating and displaying customer reviews from TikTok or showcasing your products to visiting customers and prospects.

Where to get this type of tool: Juuno or Scala.

13.TikTok competitor analytics tools

Another TikTok marketing tool to consider is competitor analytics solutions. Such solutions will provide insights into your competitors’ TikTok followers, post engagement, and more. The insights can provide inspiration for content ideation and marketing strategizing. You can also use it to measure your performance against top competitors and identify gaps for improvement.

Where to get this type of tool: Analisa, Keyhole, and Social Insider.

14.TikTok video download tools

TikTok can be a treasure trove of user-generated content you can repost on other platforms to boost your brand’s reputation, trustworthiness, and attractiveness. You can download TikTok content for such purposes with the help of various tools. However, only use tools that retain video quality and ensure you have the creator’s permission before using their content.

Where to get this type of tool: Veed, Publer, and SnapTik.

15.TikTok contest management tools

Contests on platforms like TikTok are super effective for bringing the attention of the masses to your brand. The tactic is even more effective if the contest goes viral, leading to shares that spread brand awareness and generate traffic. Setting up such contests is much easier with the help of TikTok contest management tools that automate gathering entries and selecting winners.

Where to get this type of tool: ShortStack, ViralKit, or Sweep Widget.

16.TikTok social listening tools

TikTok social listening tools simplify discovering what your target audience thinks about your brand or product. The tool will monitor and analyze conversations, mentions, and trends related to your brand. Marketers can use insights from such tools to identify user preferences and sentiments and respond with data-driven actions.

Where to get this type of tool: Brand24, Exolyt, and YouScan.

17.TikTok icon tools

Your website visitors may be curious about your TikTok activity or content. Satisfy these customers by streaming TikTok content to your website or providing a link to your TikTok page with an icon tool. The tool will place the TikTok icon on your site, allowing users to follow it to your page. Such tools are usually available as plugins.

Where to get this type of tool: ShareThis or WPZoom.

18.TikTok AI caption writing tools

Captions provide context, enhance engagement, and convey additional information to TikTok viewers. Several generative AI tools are available for crafting captions with less effort, especially if you have loads of videos to post. You only need to enter a prompt to generate text that matches your caption requirements. You can then edit the provided text to better fit your preferences or brand tone.

Where to get this type of tool: Mention, Social Pilot, or CoSchedule.

Top-rated TikTok marketing tools

Owning every TikTok marketing tool is impractical and inefficient. According to leading social media marketers, here are the only tools you need to supercharge your TikTok marketing.

1. Curator

Curator Blog | 18 Essential TikTok Marketing Tools for Amplified Reach (1)

Curator lets you stream TikTok content to your website via an embeddable widget. Displaying TikTok content on your website will boost your page’s attractiveness. It will also make your brand more trustworthy when the streamed content is UGC from happy customers. Convincing prospects to buy is much easier for a marketer if the brand looks trustworthy and capable.

Pricing: Curator's free plan lets you easily embed your TikTok feed on your website. Paid plans offer increased monthly page views and advanced features, with prices ranging from $25 to $200 per month.

Reviews: Curator has 4.6 stars out of 5 reviews on G2.

2. Adobe Premiere Rush

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Adobe Premiere Rush offers everything a TikTok marketer needs to record, edit, and share videos. The editing software offers various exciting filters and tools for removing unwanted elements from a recording. You can also add trending songs to videos with Adobe, and Android, iOS, and PC versions of the tool are available. Besides TikTok videos, you can use this tool to elevate images and videos for Instagram marketing and brand promotion on other social platforms.

Pricing: Plans range from $10.74 to $ 62.34 per month when billed monthly.

Reviews: Adobe Premiere Rush has 4.7 stars out of 27 reviews on Capterra.

3. InVideo

Curator Blog | 18 Essential TikTok Marketing Tools for Amplified Reach (3)

If you don’t have a camera or a videographer budget, create TikTok videos with InVideo’s generative AI capabilities. Instead of shooting a video, you can enter a prompt into the solution, and it will create a ready-to-share video complete with voiceovers. The tool’s user-friendliness and versatility make it ideal for TikTok marketing on a tight budget.

Pricing: InVideo’s free plan lets you create 10-minute videos each week. Create more AI-generated videos by switching to the $20 or $48 monthly plan.Reviews: Invideo has 4.6 stars out of 378 reviews on Capterra.

4. Iconosquare

Curator Blog | 18 Essential TikTok Marketing Tools for Amplified Reach (4)

Do you want to do data-driven social media marketing? If so, add Iconosquare to your TikTok marketing tools. The solution offers analytics and reporting for understanding how users perceive and interact with your content. You can also schedule TikTok content to automatically post at the best times and spy on competitors to see what they do better than you. These features, combined with a host of other assets, make Iconosquare ideal for optimizing your TikTok marketing to get better results.

Pricing: The $49 monthly plan supports one user, while the $79 monthly plan supports up to ten users.

Reviews: Iconosquare has 4.4 stars out of 51 reviews on Capterra.

5. HypeAuditor

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HypeAuditor simplifies finding and collaborating with top TikTok influencers to promote your brand and products. It also provides reports on your account’s performance during an influencer marketing campaign. The insights from the report will let you know if you’re getting your money’s worth from influencer marketing. In summary, HypeAuditor is everything you need to start, manage, and monitor TikTok influencer marketing campaigns.

Price: HypeAuditor provides custom quotes to each client.

Reviews: HypeAuditor has 4.8 stars out of 32 reviews on Capterra.

6. Hunch

Curator Blog | 18 Essential TikTok Marketing Tools for Amplified Reach (6)

TikTok Business Center is already available for running ads, but businesses looking for the best TikTok marketing tool for ads choose solutions like Hunch. Hunch automates many of the processes involved in launching TikTok ads, including content creation.

For example, the platform’s AI can build product-focused videos for your ads and run localized marketing campaigns with the videos. In summary, Hunch takes the hassle out of running TikTok ads and helps optimize results.

Price: Hunch provides custom quotes to each client.

Reviews: Hunch has 4.7 stars out of 13 reviews on Capterra.

TikTok marketing tools case studies

Do you need help picking TikTok marketing tools that satisfy your purposes? Find inspiration in these great case studies of businesses that scored big wins with TikTok using marketing tools.

1. G Adventures

Curator Blog | 18 Essential TikTok Marketing Tools for Amplified Reach (7)

G Adventures is a travel company that helps clients plan adventures. The company struggled with creating localized content to engage prospects in different localities across the globe. The solution came in the form of Hunch, an intuitive social media marketing tool that understands audiences and delivers content personalized and optimized to engage them.

Within a month, Hunch delivered 300 personalized videos and 10,000 images for social media marketing. G Adventures used the high-quality content to run ad campaigns at scale without breaking the bank. The ads helped G Adventures widen its reach, generating brand awareness that brought in more customers from new markets.

Read the full case study here.

2. Fiido

Curator Blog | 18 Essential TikTok Marketing Tools for Amplified Reach (8)

Fiido is a Hong Kong-based electric bike manufacturer with customers in Asia, Europe, North America, and Australia. The brand’s marketing plan involved using influencers to promote its products, but Fiido had trouble finding influencers that were a good fit. Fiido’s troubles ended when HypeAuditor came along.

HypeAuditor (an influencer marketing tool) gave Fiido access to an influencer marketplace, simplifying finding creators that fit the brand’s marketing goals and requirements. The said requirements included creators with a significant following in Fiido’s target markets.

Besides presenting qualified creators to Fiido, HypeAuditor helped the e-bike brand save money and time by screening influencers. HypeAuditor’s screening process ensured Fiido only chose from the best candidates, leading to a successful marketing campaign that reached hundreds of thousands of prospects.

Read the full case study here.

3. Infinite Laundry

Curator Blog | 18 Essential TikTok Marketing Tools for Amplified Reach (9)

Infinite Laundry provides marketing and HR solutions to linen and uniform laundry businesses. Even though it’s a unique niche, Infinite Laundry soon had over a hundred clients. Its fast-growing clientele left Infinite Laundry struggling to manually create and post social media content for all its clients. The solution to this problem arrived in the form of Social Pilot.

With Social Pilot, Infinite Laundry started automating scheduling and posting social media content for clients. Streamlining content scheduling and posting helped the marketing agency become more efficient. It also equipped the agency to scale and take on more clients without worries of becoming overwhelmed.

Read the full case study here.

4. BottleRock Music Festival

Curator Blog | 18 Essential TikTok Marketing Tools for Amplified Reach (10)

BottleRock is a yearly music festival that celebrates food, wine, and music in Napa. In the beginning, the festival’s organizers had trouble finding influencers to promote the event and attract more attendees. This problem lingered until the BottleRock marketing team discovered Keyhole. With Keyhole, the marketing team could easily find and engage influencers who were already fans of the BottleRock Music Festival.

The influencer-generated content generated online buzz, bringing in more traffic than the BottleRock marketing team anticipated. Keyhole also provided the option to stream influencer and user-generated content to digital signs at the event. Screens showcasing happy attendees drove more revelers to post content, generating more buzz for the festival.

Read the full case study here.

Curator Blog | 18 Essential TikTok Marketing Tools for Amplified Reach (2024)


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