I will not marry my husband again ! [Taehyung FF] - Episode- 07 (2024)


• On the day of Sujin's match

Y/n's pov;

I arrived early for Sujin's match. In the past few days I couldn't find a boyfriend for me. It made me question myself - am I too bad to be a girlfriend ?

"I've to find a boyfriend before Sujin's match." I mumbled to myself and departed for my mission.

An hour later ~

An hour has passed and I haven't found a single boy here ! Where are all the boys ? They should be watching this match ! Suddenly my gaze fell on a familiar figure. I ran to him.

"What are you doing here?" He jumped a little and turned to face me. "You startled me. And why does it concern you if I'm here or not ?"

"Mr. Jerk, are you following me ?"

"WHAT ?! Stop being delusional, miss delulu."

"Then why did you come here ?"

"Today is my ex's match. She gave me a ticket when we were dating so I came to see how she lost her match."

"Woah, I thought you don't give a damn about anyone."

"She was cheating on me. How could I just sit and watch ?"

"Oh, no." I patted his shoulder. "Don't you dare to pity me." He removed my hand from his shoulder.

"Hii, Y/n." Suddenly I heard Taehyung's voice from behind. Isn't it too early to be here ?

I turned back before gulping the lump formed in my throat. "H - hii, Taehyung. You are early."

"Yes, Hayan texted in the group chat that we should come early to cheer up Sujin. Didn't you see the group chat ?"

Suddenly Jungkook leaned closer to my ear and whispered "Who is he ?"

"Let me introduce you to my boyfriend, Taehyung. He is Jungkook, my dear boyfriend." I linked my arm with Jungkook's arm. He was confused over whatever was happening here.

"You used my last time. Think of this as a payback." I whispered in his ear. Suddenly he smirked and slipped his arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him. "Oh, so you're Taehyung, huh ? Nice to meet you." He forwarded his hand and Taehyung happily shaked his hand with him.

"Oh, Y/n is here too - Who is he ?" Suddenly Woojin and Hayan came running to us. Hayan's eyes trailed to Jungkook's hand which was on my waist. I removed his hand and took a step away from him.

"He's Jungkook, Y/n's boyfriend." Taehyung answered.

"You've a boyfriend?" Asked Woojin. He was looking sad.

"You're dating this jerk -" I covered her mouth and whispered "I'll tell you everything later."

"Babe, what are you doing? Let her speak." I glared at him. "Let's meet Sujin. Didn't we come here to meet her ?"

"We can't meet her before the match. Let's settle down on our seats." Answered Hayan.

"I'll grab some snacks with Taehyung." Jungkook grabbed Taehyung's wrist and dragged him out. "I'm coming too!" Woojim ran after him.

"Would you tell me now why you're dating Jungkook?"

"It's fake. I accidentally told Taehyung that I've a boyfriend because he was thinking that I was stalking him because I like him."

"What ? But why does it have to be Jungkook?"

"I couldn't find anyone else. Besides, Jungkook once pretended that I'm his girlfriend so I just asked him to pay me back for that time."

"When did he do that ? And why didn't you tell me ?" Oops, I never told her that I went to Seoul. "It might have slipped my mind. Let's cheer for Sujin." I held her wrist and dragged her to our seats.


Sujin punched the other girl really hard. "Ouch, it must be hurtful." Woojin closed his eyes.

"Go, Sujin ! Punch her again ! ……Sujin ! SUJIN !" Jungkook was screaming his lungs out. "Wow, you must be like Sujin too much." Woojin commented.

"Nope, I just don't like the other girl."

"Oh, but why ?"

"She was my ex."

"What ?!" Not only Woojin but Taehyung and Hayan were also left bewildered. Why is he spitting the truth?

"She cheated on him, that's why he hates her so much." I tried to save the situation. "Don't worry bro you've our sympathy." Woojin patted Jungkook's shoulder.

"Oh no, Sujin got hit by the opponent." Hayan screamed. Sujin got hit by the other girl three times. And then the 1st round was over.


Finally the match was over and Sujin won it. We congratulated her and she left to celebrate with her other friends. She asked us to join her but we told her to give us a treat some other day.

"I came here in my car. I'll drop you off, babe." He hugged me from behind and rested his head on my shoulder. He is again being so touchy.

"No, thanks. She is going home with me." Hayan pulled me out of his grip. "Then I can drop you two home."

"Bro, we're also here." Woojin waves his hand in front of Jungkook. "Fine, I'll give you a free ride too."

"Drop Woo Jin and Taehyung home. Y/n and I will be taking the bus." She pushed Woojin and Taehyung towards Jungkook.

"Are you both going alone ?" Askes Taehyung. "Yes."

"Why don't we all go in Jungkook's car ? 5 people can easily sit in the car." He suggested. Aww, he is so cute and caring.

"We've to go somewhere else. Don't worry about us and go with Jungkook."

"Then drop a text in the group chat after getting home, okay ?" Said Woojin.

"Yeah, I'll."


I and Hayan were walking towards the bus stop. "So, are you going to explain everything now ?" Asked Hayan.

"What about you, huh ?"

"What about me ?"

"What is happening between you and Woojin ? You were hanging out with him and didn't even tell me ."

"What ? You're having the wrong idea. We're just friends."

"Oh, really ?" I raised my eyebrow. "Yes. Besides, I was meeting him just for you."

"For me ? How ?"

"Woojin agreed to help me to make things better between you and Taehyung. But you've messed up everything by introducing Jungkook as your boyfriend."

"What ?!.....You don't have to do anything."

"Why not ? Taehyung is your first love. I want to see you happy."

"Hayan, I know you're worried about me but I don't want anything with Taehyung. He is the man I love but I don't want to date him. We're not made for each other."

"What with this typical 90's movie dialogue? If you love him then go chase him. We're here to help you. Even if he can't reciprocate your feelings then go find someone else."

"Leave it."

"Don't tell me you've started to like Jungkook."

"NEVER !" I rolled my eyes.

We didn't talk for the rest of the time and quietly parted our ways. She won't believe me even if I tell her that I've seen the future. I'm not even sure if it was the future or I'm dreaming.

Whatever it is, I just can't end up marrying my husband again.


I will not marry my husband again ! [Taehyung FF] - Episode- 07 (2024)


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